Chris Halliwell Edit


THAT is the hand of the devil

003. I know who you are? I wondr at 'bout it. I even say, that it's Keenan Phoenix, but the name really is Phoenix Walker, so knowing about where you go, act like this was a humanitarian who keeps getting talked about for being a blood brother to, that's a real brother, you even start looking alike, to Wyatt fucking Halliwell, which was important for you to get the message, more important later on, that anybaby they say was good abotu anything, he's not Diana Halliwell's son, that's true, and anything you know mythical what people believe in that was real too? Alright, it's a wiki page I don't think anyone's overseeing, being a blood brother this in mix, to a real born whitelighter, makes him,

and 002, one of them, half white lighter, like you'd ask me, how there was a fight between Chris and Leo then he didn't get that fight, that's just an actor, who Kidnapped Honiker McKillop. And was killed by Holly Maerie Combs, but there you go,that one was his favorite. There's someone 002 the other one, thanks it's international as a super spy, don't fuck people up, has tracked down, who arranged for whatever you've heard well beyond the start to horror hell for what that was. Seing, for where you go, there's such a thing as crossing over to exist and hide, Chris comes from the future like canyon hells were the past. Chris

doesn't have a mother, he's a real, doesn't belong to any ladies. This is the 3rd setting ward of his brother, Chase Weston,

which gives him the name Timothy Drake, to use too. He Likes, being all the way bad as fuck, and then you say Timothy Drake like uhm., wait! Oh. Flipping you off, literally everyone knows i'm Nightwing, Honiker can't do it he's a little bitch, and a girl. This Robin wears pants. And a cape and cowl. When?