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Honiker McKillop Young

Honiker McKillop the boy who lived Edit

An activist against the Mormon Church. Honiker McKillop is a published novelist with 14-21 completed novels available anywhere online under several versions of his name he has many, but the name McKillop comes from his father his rescuer, from the life in

past torments he's now entered this American life free into. Nothing done, was for money in his life and there is no ambition to start at that, but that he could strive for wealth and fame he has many and more reasons to implore you to look at what younger christian

lives at home were, and what people have pledged in a world where there was no child's play, and there is no ambition for anything but to forcing people to "down" that caffeine and symphony were talksik to a mormon's life?

At present setting, the continued works online so there published are on and he has not achieved what would be 'public figure' status though his fame and renown grow, daily. He considers himself among the dead and writes stories of heroes and romance forever into most superior intellects, that there he could pledge Superman would not forget himself watching Liam Neeson's movie Taken, and that he could have claimed he'd written more good Star Wars than anyfirston selling the story, was his all free literature and so an expression of freedom of speech.

Included in his Star Wars fiction among other stories, he's shown advanced psychic aptitudes that are simply proven, as well as you could publishing events before they happen, online time and time again, but there you could understand his own moral code

in restoring the Code of Chivalry from what he claims were damages of church and barbarianism. He does not know how old he is, or how to get home. He believes in the mixing of blood, to form TRUE bonds, and that was his bond with the man who rescued him


a painting by Honiker McKillop youngs

some completed works,

the Sword in the Stone



The Imperial Cards

Diaries of a Real Ninja

literary fictions

free public literature

and children's novels

It's a Wonderful Life by Honiker McKillop